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Daniel Boujon

​Daniel Bouchon

Born in Argentina.

Started tango from an early age. Active as a professional since the age of 17.

Broadway Tango Musical conducted by Luis Bravo

For 2 years as an exclusive dancer of "Forever Tango"

He has been active in numerous tango shows, including appearing on world tours including the United States.


Argentine Tango World Championship Stage Division 5th (2010)

Argentine Tango World Championship Salon Category 4th (2016)

Argentine Tango World Championship Stage Division 5th (2017)

Yuki Misaki

Yuki Misaki

Graduated from Gakushuin University.

From an early age, he studied classical ballet, Japanese dance, vocal music, and jazz dance. Tango history is over 20 years,

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for about 7 years. In addition to acting as an exclusive dancer for the well-established local Tangeria Sabor a Tango, she has appeared in numerous events and stage shows.


Intercontinental de Tango Salon Category 3rd place (2009)

Festival de la Sierra Championship Stage Division 3rd place (2010)

Argentine Tango World Championship

2009, 2013 , 2014 Salon Stage Finalists


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